Drawing as a Learned Skill

The Nine Fundamental Laws of Drawing create the illusion of depth. They are as follows:
1. Foreshortening: Distort an object to create the illusion that one part of it is closer to your eye.
2. Placement: Place an object lower on the surface of a picture to make it appear closer to your eye.
3. Size: Draw an object larger to make it appear closer to your eye. 4. Overlapping: Draw an object in front of another object to create the visual illusion that it is closer to your eye.
5. Shading: Draw darkness on an object opposite the positioned light source to create the illusion of depth.

6. Shadow: Draw darkness on the ground next to the object, opposite the positioned light source, to create the illusion of depth.
7. Contour lines: Draw curving lines wrapping around the shape of a round object to give it volume and depth.
8. Horizon line: Draw a horizontal reference line to create the illusion that objects in the picture are varying distances from your eye.
9. Density: Create the illusion of distance by drawing objects lighter and with less detail.

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Welcome to my world of creative possibilities. You will learn to create realistic renderings of everything from photos to landscapes from the world you see around you and to draw three-dimensional pictures entirely from your imagination. I know this is a big claim filled with enormous promise. I’m aware that you may be skeptical and wondering how I can make such a statement. The simplest
way for me to qualify my teaching confidence is to share with you my past student success stories.

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