How to Download Paid eBooks?

How to Download Paid eBooks?

I am going to inform you about “HOW TO DOWNLOAD ALREADY PAID eBOOKS” from our website. First of all to purchase ebooks from, you need to have user account.

To DOWNLOAD paid eBooks from website you need to follow these STEPS:


Find the book you need to buy and open its page

Press ADD TO CART button (You don’t need to increase its count. It is downloadable book)

Now this pop up window will come up

Now press GO TO THE CART button to open cart page so you can purchase. Note that if want to continue without purchase so just press CONTINUE SHOPPING button. If you already have some books in your cart and want to purchase then navigate to the top right of the website and click on CART as shown below:

This will direct you to the your shopping cart

Now you need to place order to complete the checkout.

All required places shown on the picture above. You have to fill those areas to proceed.

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Country
  • Street
  • City, County
  • ZIP, Phone
  • Email

Now select one of the PAYMENT methods to purchase.

  1. Direct Bank Transfer (After completion you will get bank account details to transfer money)
  2. Payoneer (Just click on it and learn how to pay by using this method)
  3. IF YOU COULD NOT GET ANY SUCCESS then let us know and we will provide another methods (like credit cards – C2C method) to complete your purchase process.

Now you need to read and agree to the website Terms and conditions by checking the empty area.

Now press the PLACE ORDER button to complete.


After purchase you will get first email from the seller

After receiving payment you order status will change from HOLD to COMPLETE. Then you will receive the email and download link in it. Click on it ad start to download.

You will download .txt (text file) which contains your book download link which will expire within 7 days after payment complete.

Copy that link and paste it to your browser’s address line and open. It will direct you to then downloadable ebook. Click to download button and get your file.

There is another way to download .txt (text file).

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