Windows 10 Bible


Not everyone wants to be a computer expert, and few have the time to become one. Most people just want to use a computer to get things done, or even just to have some fun. This should come
as no surprise. After all, not everyone who drives a car wants to be a professional mechanic. Not everyone who uses a cellphone wants to be an electrical engineer. So, why should everyone who
uses a computer want, or need, to be a computer expert? They shouldn’t. Some people just need to be computer users — people who use the computer without being total nerds about it.
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Windows 10 is the latest edition in the Windows family and builds on the usability and performance improvements in Windows 7 and Windows 8.x. One of the biggest differences, however, is
the introduction of a cross-platform model that brings the same code base and user experience to a wide range of platforms including the PC, tablets, phones, Xbox, and even small devices like the
Raspberry Pi!

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Jeffrey R. Shapiro, Jim Boyce, Rob Tidrow

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