Tahrir al-Wasilah (All 4 Volumes)


This package included 4 volumes of Tahrir al-Wasilah.

The English translation of Tahrir al-Vasilah, Vol.1 of which is now being published, has been accomplished by Dr. Sayyid Ali Reza Naqavi, former Professor of Shiah Jurisprudence, International Islamic University, Islamabad. Dr. Naqavi, who holds a Doctorate in Persian Language and Literature from Tehran University has studied in the said discipline for about ten years, and has attended the classes of a number of prominent Professors of the University such as Professors Foroüzanfar, Jalil Homã’i, Pour-e Da’oud, Modarres Rezavi, Dr. Moqaddam, Dr. Khãnlari’, Dr. Mo’in, Dr.Yâr Shäter, and Dr. Kiyã.

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