Tahrir al-Wasilah (All 4 Volumes)


This package included 4 volumes of Tahrir al-Wasilah.

The English translation of Tahrir al-Vasilah, Vol.1 of which is now being published, has been accomplished by Dr. Sayyid Ali Reza Naqavi, former Professor of Shiah Jurisprudence, International Islamic University, Islamabad. Dr. Naqavi, who holds a Doctorate in Persian Language and Literature from Tehran University has studied in the said discipline for about ten years, and has attended the classes of a number of prominent Professors of the University such as Professors Foroüzanfar, Jalil Homã’i, Pour-e Da’oud, Modarres Rezavi, Dr. Moqaddam, Dr. Khãnlari’, Dr. Mo’in, Dr.Yâr Shäter, and Dr. Kiyã.

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Imam Ruhollah Khomeini, may his soul rest in Peace, as a consequence of strict adherence to the principles and teachings of the holy Prophets and Imams, was blessed with a personality of variegated and multifarious splendour. On the one hand, he was among the most outstanding teachers and highly reputed Mujtahids of the Islamic Seminary, known for their erudition in the field of Islamic Jurisprudence and Principles of Jurisprudence, who have to their credit the honour of injecting fresh blood in the veins of Islamic belief and guiding the caravan of the traditional jurisprudence to newer goals. On the other hand, he was an exquisite moral teacher who focused all his attention to fostering spiritual and intellectual training to the people.

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Vol 1: 591, Vol 2: 660, Vol 3: 661, Vol 4: 528

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